Visit us at local farmer's markets for our fresh picked  blueberries, tomatoes, herbs, flowers and other seasonal fruit & vegetables and more, as well as our pure maple syrup and other maple products, jams and jellies and other specialty foods made by us.

The 2020 season has concluded. Please visit this page again in the Spring for updates. We intend to be involved with a few as well as our own here at the farm on Saturdays beginning in June.

Maple Festival 2021, Classes, Tours


Saturday March 13th from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. 

Due to continuing Covid -19 issues and public health mandates, we will most likely be hosting the annual Maple  Festival in a modified form. It is our intention to be welcoming to customers yet make all attendees feel comfortable, and host the event within the parameters of social distancing and health guidelines. We realize that it won't be similar to how we have hosted in the past but current events dictate otherwise. Please support our farm by at least purchasing maple products to enjoy because all of the work of sugaring doesn't get us paid until we sell the syrup, so we appreciate your understanding and support of our farm in these difficult times Your support makes a difference! NO FARMS NO FOOD


1. Requiring of sign ups online for tours inside. Time slot reservations only for admission to inside the sugarhouse. Here you will get a quick guided tour of our production with an educational presentation as we walk through the sugarhouse. We intend to be boiling and making syrup during the fest. Masks must be worn, groups need to be of the same household, time slots allowed for avoidance of close contact of other people outside your own group. No admittance inside the sugarhouse without a reservation. 

2. Outdoor area for order and pick up of pancakes, sausage, coffee and other food served, with outdoor seating OR take to go. Whether or not we are going to go ahead and offer the food portion of the festival is still very much up in the air. *Weather dependent. Be prepared for whatever the weather conditions are, because you will have to be outside the whole time except for your reserved tour time slot. **Note-there is very limited upstairs seating allowed for visitors, so most seating will be outdoors. It is our intention to rent a tent but be aware that we can't allow for social distancing if people are inside due to the small open space available inside the sugarhouse. If you aren't prepared for outdoor weather conditions, reconsider your desire to attend because we can't order the weather as much as we wish we could. If it's a nice day - hurray! If it isn't, then we will work with it but you will still have to be outside so come prepared with proper footwear and coats, hats, gloves, umbrellas, etc. We will hopefully be able to afford renting a tent for outdoor seating, but you will be outside to wait in line to give and pick up an order. 

3. Outdoor seating for tentative live music * weather dependent.

4. Outdoor set up of farm store for for purchase of our farm products with cashier. We will offer our own maple syrup in various size containers, maple sugar, maple cream, lollipops, jelly and more as well as other specialty food products including flavored maple syrup, dried herbs, herbal vinegars, jams, cookies, our own homegrown popcorn, raw local honey and more. *Come prepared for the weather of the day! Credit cards accepted for $20 minimum, cash is appreciated. Check with ID only. 


At this time due to the physical constraints of covid mandates, we are unable to host large groups inside the sugarhouse. Smaller groups only up to 8 may be accommodated and we will be setting up the greenhouse for classes, with a tour of the sugar grove and sugarhouse afterwards. Yes masks must be worn unless you are one family of the same household and there are no other people present during your visit. Classes are $50 per group of up to  8. Contact us for more information or to make a reservation. 860-653-2038. Classes last approx. 1 1/2 hours. Dress appropriately especially with proper footwear, waterproof boots recommended. 

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