Open House Boiling Days

Every Saturday in March and on any other day we are boiling sap, we open our sugarhouse to the public and invite visitors to come in and watch us make syrup. You can observe sap boiling in the evaporator, smell the steam, view the whole process in action, and even have a taste sample of the finished liquid gold. Free admission.

​​Classes and Tours for Groups

Sweet Wind Farm offers the perfect field trip for your group of any type  and of all ages. Pre-K through High School, Homeschoolers, Scouts, Cooking Clubs, Senior Clubs: whatever your group is we can accommodate it with a tailor fit class for you. This class will be approximately 1 1/2 hours long, and will include a narrated slideshow with a hands-on class, a tour of the sugarhouse and equipment,an outdoor tour of our farm's maple trees, (and possibly seeing the sap dripping!),and will end with taste samples. A storybook is read for the younger ages too. The class will be geared towards the ages of those attending, anyone from 3-99! Sap boiling during your visit is not guaranteed, as it depends on the weather and sap flow at the time of your visit. All classes for groups must be scheduled in advance by calling Susan at (860) 653-2038 or emailing us. 

FEE: $5.00 per student. Minimum of $50 for a class to be scheduled. Family cap at $20 as a courtesy for larger families, but group must still meet the minimum. Under age 3 is free. If your group does not meet the minimum of $50, you may consider paying a group rate of $50 to hold a class. Class is held rain or shine, since most of it is indoors. Be prepared with proper footwear (boots are recommended), warm coats,  and umbrella if needed, for the outdoor portion of the tour. We can accommodate up to 25 people at a time. Handicapped accessible on lower floor.

This class can be scheduled for anytime of the year, but for the full experience it is recommended you try and come during sugaring season, (which is typically February and March, maybe into the first two weeks of April) .

Farmer's and Artisan Markets

​​​​​​​​Simsbury Flea and Smorgasbord Saturday April 28th from 9-5 held at 22 Iron Horse Blvd athletic fields/bandstand area.  http://www.simsburyflea.com/

May Market: Saturday and Sunday May 4th and 5th, 10 - 4 held at Hillstead Museum's grounds  35 Mountain Road  Farmington, CT 


​​​​​13th Annual Maple Festival

Saturday, March 8, 2019

10 a.m. ~ 4 p.m.

FREE admission

"TOMATOES 101" How to Grow, Cultivate, Harvest and Use Tomatoes

Have you every wanted to grow your own tomatoes but felt inadequate? Or you have tried and it was a bust? Learn all about how to grow, cultivate, harvest and use tomatoes. Two times are offered, they are both the same class. In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to best germinate seeds, and you will get to plant your own to take home. 
  •  Learn how to transplant seedlings hands-on and get to take plants home for your garden. 
  •  Learn about the different varieties available, including hybrid types, heirloom, cherry, grape, slicing, indeterminate and determinate, and all those confusing things.
  •  Learn how to take care of the plants as they grow so they will yield the best fruit. This portion of the workshop is intensive, so don't worry there will be take home notes.Includes transplanting, suckering, fertilizing, mulching, how to prevent disease and pest damage, staking, soil and sun requirements, and more.
  • Learn how to harvest the fruit, when is the best time and how to tell it's ready.
  • Learn how to use them and preserve them, including: drying, canning, freezing, making soups, sauces, salsa and more!

Cost: $30.00 per person

Take home recipes printed for you to take home.

Bring your own bug spray and sunscreen. Drinks provided. Dress for the weather, we will be inside the greenhouse if it is raining. *No refunds policy.

Culinary Herbs: How to Grow, Cultivate, Harvest and Use Herbs for Cooking
Friday July 27th 11  a.m.
Or Saturday July 28th at 11 a.m.  (Pick one session)

How to:

  • Grow from seed
  • Know the difference between annuals and perennials
  • When to harvest
  • How to preserve by freezing and drying
  • Use in recipes
  • Make herbal flavored vinegars

Cost: $30 per person

Participants will plant seeds, identify various types of common herbs, taste and smell what’s growing, try taste samples of some easy to make recipes, as well as take home some plants and printed literature. Everyone will also get to make a bottle of herbal vinegar to take home. Workshop held rain or shine, dress according to the weather. Bring your own sunscreen and bug spray. Drinks will be provided. Register online or in person. No refunds policy* 

Flower Gardening and Making Bouquets
Monday August 13th  11 a.m with a raindate of Tuesday August 14th  at 11 a.m.
Or Wednesday August 15th 11 a.m. with a raindate of Thursday August 16th at 11 a.m. (Pick one session and be sure you can make the rain date too)
How to:

  • Grow and cultivate annuals
  • Select perennials
  • Take care of plant needs
  • Deal with disease and pests  without chemicals
  • Cut stems for bouquets
  • Arrange a bouquet

Cost: $30 per person

Participants will also get to cut and arrange their own bouquet to take home in a vase, take home printed material and seeds for next year. Drinks provided. Bring your own cutting shears, bug spray and sunscreen. Cutting shears provided to those who ask and sign release form. Since this is partly an outdoor class and dependent on the weather, please make sure you can make it on the rain date as well. No refunds due to rain date or any other reason if you cancel within 3 days of event.  Register online or in person.

Blueberries 101: How to Grow, Cultivate,

Harvest and Use Blueberries

​How to:

  • Grow and take care of blueberry bushes including pruning, mulching, fertilizing, netting and other ways to keep out birds,  and more
  • Know different varieties
  • Use in recipes

Cost: $30 per person

Participants will also get to pick and take home fresh berries, try some recipes, make blueberry vinegar, learn how to make jam and more.Bring your own bug spray and sunscreen. Drinks will be provided. This will be held rain or shine, if it is raining the picking will be optional. Dress according to the weather. Register online or in person. *No refunds policy.

​Making Jams and Jellies

​​How to:

  • ​​Select the best fruit and how prepare it
  • Use simple recipes
  • Can it safely
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Try new combinations
  • Use herbs and other creative ingredients

Cost: $30 per person

Participants will confidently be able to make jam or jelly after this class by learning all the steps needed to make a wonderful spread. Take home printed material provided. We will make a batch for everyone to take home a jar (but we will not can it so it will be for immediate use only). This workshop will be held rain or shine, and it will be partly outside if it is nice out. Bring your own bug spray and sunscreen. Drinks provided. Register online or in person. *No refunds policy

Gardening Made Easy

Whether you are a novice gardener or have some experience, everyone will learn something here including how to:

  • Know what grows well in our climate including vegetables, fruit, herbs.
  • Prepare the soil
  • Grow in containers
  • Plant from seeds or seedlings
  • Control weeds and pests organically
  • When to harvest and how to use in easy recipes

Participants will get an overview of how to grow your own food and more, and will walk away with the confidence to begin a new lifestyle of gardening. During the workshop we will plant a tray of salad greens to take home, as well as take home seeds and plants  to start a small garden at home. Don't let yourself be intimidated by the thought, it's not as hard as you think! While saving money at the grocery store isn't always the goal here, you will eat better and you will feel better! 

Veggies for the Common Man (or Lady!)

​How to:

  • Use fresh seasonal vegetables in recipes
  • Add in veggies in to your usual dishes
  • Get your family to eat their veggies
  • Select them and keep fresh
  • Grow some simple ones at home

Cost: $30 per person

Participants will pick some veggies that are ready in the garden and make and try some recipes, take home an original recipe booklet, and garner new inspiration to eat what’s fresh, healthy, local and seasonal! Seeds provided for a few crops that grow quickly so you can grow your own too! Held rain or shine indoors or partly outside if nice out. Bring your own bug spray and sunscreen. Drinks provided. Register online or in person. *No refunds policy

                                             INFORMATION FOR ALL WORKSHOPS

Cost $30.00  per person    You must pay in advance to be registered. Maximum class size of 15 people after which you will placed on a wait list, but also a minimum of 6 people to run the class, (so please tell your friends and invite them to come with you!) If there is enough interest for another date/time please contact me via email or phone and I will try to provide an extra workshop. Teens/tweens are welcome too but it is not a drop off class for anyone under 18, a parent must be present. All workshops are approximately 2 hours long. Held rain or shine except for Flower Gardening which has a rain date. Make sure you can also make it to the rain date before registering. Dress appropriately for the weather. Bring your own bug spray and sunscreen. Drinks are provided, and gloves where needed. 


Fill out the registration form on the side of page here  with your name, contact info including phone number, workshop title and date choice. Then choose your method of payment. You will not be registered until you pay.


1.Send in a check with your name and phone number with the workshop name and date choice on your check to Sweet Wind Farm, 339 South Road East Hartland, CT 06027

​2. Bring your credit card here in person or at a market we attend for us to swipe, OR 

3. Pay via PayPal here at this link: 

WHAT TO BRING: If desired your own bug spray and sunscreen. I will provide drinks and garden gloves. Wear comfortable clothing for outdoors and for the weather conditions. If it is raining we will be in the greenhouse or sugarhouse.  If there are less than 6 people registered I reserve the right to cancel the workshop, so if you are really super interested in this offering please invite your friends !

** CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY** You must read this and enter "yes" on the submission form so I know you read this. I reserve the right to cancel the class within 3 days ahead if there is not enough people registered. In that case you will be issued a refund. If you cannot attend you must submit a refund request by 3 days ahead of date of class in writing via email or in person, after which there will be NO refunds for any reason. You may transfer your payment to another person if you wish, but it is up to you to find said person unless there is a wait list. I absolutely need your contact info. Thank you for understanding.


Our festival is always held on the 2nd Saturday in March. 

Live demonstrations of sap boiling, syrup drawing off, and tree tapping. There will be live music, pancakes, classes, tours, sugar-on-snow eat, and more. Join us for a fun filled day out with the family!  Typically sugaring season is during the month of March so this is always held on the second Saturday in March every year. Mark your calendars now, you won't want to miss out on this old fashioned New England cultural experience. Our next festival will be our 13th on March 8, 2019.   FREE admission.



Sweet Wind Farm

339 South Road

 East Hartland, CT